The Department of Law, University of Sahiwal is the first public sector institution in the division of Sahiwal to cater the needs of the people to get legal education. The objective of establishment of the department was to fill the gap created due to non-availability of public sector institution that could provide legal education to the people of Sahiwal Division and its suburb areas. The students of Sahiwal have to travel to Lahore and Multan to get legal education. Therefore, in order to cater the needs of the students of the locality, the Department of Law was established in the erstwhile Sub-campus of Bahauddin Zakariya University at Sahiwal in the year 2014. After the established of the University of Sahiwal in 2015, the Department becomes constituent part of the University. The Department aims at steering the University to be a leading public sector University in providing affordable quality legal education for the students of the locality. The focus of the Department is to enable the students to conduct an independent research and to learn different aspects of resolving practical problems in legal field and legal aspects of different other fields. This will develop the culture of learning thinking, research and advocacy. The main objectives of the establishment of the Department included but not limited to: i) To educate and train the future lawyers, legal consultants and jurists ii) To enhance the quality and standard of legal education iii) To develop the culture of research in legal fields Iv) To train the students to possess the capacity of legal reasoning.

Scheme of studies LLB

Semester I Semester II
1. English-I 2. Pakistan Studies 3. Introduction to Sociology 4. Fundamentals of Economics 5. Introduction to Law 6. Skills Development 1. English –II 2. Islamic Studies/Ethics 3. Principles of Political Science 4. Legal System of Pakistan 5. History (South Asia) 6. Law of Torts- I
Semester III Semester IV
1. English-III 2. Introduction to Logic And Reasoning 3. Islamic Jurisprudence – I 4. Law of Torts-II 5. Law of Contract – I 6. Constitutional Law-I (UK) 1. Human Rights Law 2. Constitutional Law-II (US) 3. Law of Contract-II 4. Islamic Jurisprudence – II 5. Introduction to Psychology
Semester V Semester VI
1. Jurisprudence – I 2. Constitutional Law-III (Pakistan) 3. Islamic Personal Law – I 4. Criminal Law-I 5. Law of Property 1. Jurisprudence – II 2. Law of Business Organizations 3. Islamic Personal Law – II 4. Criminal Law – II 5. Land Laws
Semester VII Semester VIII
1. Public International Law – I 2. Constitutional Developments in Pakistan 3. Civil Procedure-I 4. Criminal Procedure – I 5. Law of Evidence – I 6. Legal Drafting – I 1. Public International Law – II 2. Equity and Specific Relief 3. Civil Procedure – II 4. Criminal Procedure – II 5. Law of Evidence – II 6. Legal Drafting – II
Semester IX Semester X
1. Research Methods 2. Minor Acts 3. Elective – I * 4. Elective– II * 5. Moot Cases and Professional 6. Ethics 1. Administrative Law 2. Interpretation Of Statutes 3. And Legislative Drafting 4. Research Project 5. Elective - III * 6. Elective– IV *