The Department of Physics at University of Sahiwal was established in 2015. The main purpose is to provide quality education and basic understanding of Physics to the students. The Department of Physics is equipped with two modern Physics Labs for the skill development in many areas. The course study at BS/MSc levels, educates the participants with various aspects of matter, motion, energy, time, and so on. There exist ample master level courses for candidates who are interested in higher education. Apart from this, the candidates can seek career opportunities in research and development, science, education and other related areas. Higher education after BS/MSc degree increases the proximity to get in to a high designation job with rewarding compensation packages. The tools of the physicist- observation, imagination, model building, prediction, and deduction will enable physics to continue this influence into the new century. The Master of Science in Physics degree program is designed to provide the skills, understanding, and outlook required for participation in the discovery of new knowledge about nature.

  • BS Physics
  • MPhil Physics

Scheme of studies BS Physics

Semester I Semester II
1. English-I 2. Calculus-I 3. Introduction to Computing 4. Mechanics 5. GOF/GRF 6. Lab-I 1. English-II 2. Calculus-II 3. Electricity & Magnetism 4. Heat & Thermodynamics 5. GOF/GRF 6. Lab-II
Semester III Semester IV
1. English-III 2. Linear Algebra 3. Waves & Oscillations 4. Modern Physics 5. Pakistan Studies 6. GOF/GRF 7. Lab-III 1. Islamic Studies/Ethics 2. GOF/GRF 3. Differential Equations 4. Probability & Statistics 5. Optics 6. GOF/GRF 7. Lab-IV
Semester V Semester VI
1. Mathematical Methods of Physics-I 2. Electrodynamics-I 3. Classical Mechanics 4. Electronics-I 5. Statistical Physics 6. Lab-V 1. Mathematical Methods of Physics-II 2. Quantum Mechanics-I 3. Electrodynamics-II 4. Electronics-II 5. Solid State Physics-I 6. Lab-VI
Semester VII Semester VIII
1. Quantum Mechanics-II 2. Atomic & Molecular Physics 3. Solid State Physics-II 4. Lab-VII 5. Elective-I /Research Thesis / Project Report 6. Elective-II / Research Thesis / Project Report 1. Relativity and cosmology 2. Nuclear Physics II 3. Classical Electrodynamics-II 4. Elective-III 5. Elective-IV