University of Sahiwal Expands student Service Center, Inaugurated by Vice Chancellor

Today, University of Sahiwal took another step towards enhancing student support services with the inauguration of an extension to the Student Service Center. The worthy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Javaid Akhtar, led the ceremony alongside administrative and academic heads of the university. This expansion reflects the university's commitment to providing a conducive environment for student success.
The extended Student Service Center aims to cater to the growing needs of students and facilitate their academic journey at the University of Sahiwal. Equipped with modern facilities, this center will offer comprehensive guidance on admissions, scholarships, course selection, and other academic matters. Additionally, it will serve as a hub for career counseling and job placement assistance.
During his visit, the worthy Vice Chancellor also inspected the Regional Plan9 center established by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), Lahore. This center promotes entrepreneurship and innovation among students by providing them with resources and mentoring opportunities in collaboration with renowned industry experts.
With these initiatives, the University of Sahiwal is taking significant strides towards creating a supportive ecosystem for its students' holistic development. The dedication shown by Prof. Dr. Javaid Akhtar and his team highlights their commitment to nurturing future leaders who can contribute meaningfully to society.