Directorate of Student Affairs

The Directorate of Students Affairs (DSA) works enthusiastically to coordinate the various aspects of students' life, generating a liaison between students, faculty, and university administration. The Directorate of Student Affairs was established at the University of Sahiwal in 2019. It facilitates and addresses the problems being faced by students. The DSA office establishes a compatible learning environment that fosters successful learning, personal growth, and character-building among University of Sahiwal graduates. It transforms its graduates into confident entrepreneurs with personal experience. Different societies work under the umbrella of the Directorate. Since its short evolutionary stage, the Directorate of Student Affairs, University of Sahiwal has awarded approximately 38% of its students with undergraduate scholarships under different schemes (ie., Ehsaas scholarships (Phase-I,II & III), PEEF Scholarship scheme, Need-Based Scholarship, Merit-based Scholarship, Kinship based Scholarship, Rehmatul lil Alameen Scholarship, Bait Ul Mall Scholarship and Pakistan Usher Zakat Scholarship and PEEF Scholarship for Master level Students). Moreover, the office of Directorate of Student Affairs also deals discipline/indiscipline issues. Further, the Directorate of Student Affairs very keenly informs its graduates about all internship programs, e.g., internship opportunities all over Pakistan, ISSP Commission Guidelines, etc. The office is working to develop awareness by arranging/organizing seminar, workshops, exhibitions for grooming of students' behavior to transform them into compatible personnel.