Building Bridges: University of Sahiwal Opens Dialogue with Minority Communities

Members of the "National Lobbying Delegation (NLD) for Minority Rights" visited the office of the Vice Chancellor at the University of Sahiwal today to address concerns regarding minority quotas in admission and job opportunities. The delegation, led by Prof. Dr. Kalyan Singh, was comprised of Dr. Iyra Indrias, Habkook Gill (ex MPA), Mr. Atif Jamil Advocate, Mr. Shahzad Francis and Ms. Romana Bashir. The delegation discussed the need for a 2% quota for minorities in university admissions and a 5% share in job placements, emphasizing the importance of equal representation and inclusivity within educational institutions.
The NLD members highlighted the underrepresentation of minorities in higher education and employment sectors, emphasizing that such quotas are essential to bridge this gap. They argued that providing equal opportunities to all students regardless of their background is crucial for cultivating a diverse and inclusive learning environment. Moreover, they stressed that extending job opportunities to individuals from minority backgrounds would contribute towards reducing socio-economic disparities prevalent among various communities.
The meeting between NLD representatives and the worthy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Javaid Akhtar, signifies an important step towards addressing these issues. The resident officer, Dr. Hafiz Tariq Masood,University of Sahiwal's Media Coordinator, Dr. Muhammad Ayyoub were also present. Prof. Dr. Kalyan Singh also presented his book (Guru Nanak Sahab Ji) to the worthy Vice Chancellor.