Majeed Amjad Literary Society (MALS) Commemorate Iqbal Day with Seminar at University of Sahiwal

The Directorate of Students Affairs and Majeed Amjad Literary Society at the University of Sahiwal organized a seminar on Iqbal Day to pay tribute to the iconic poet-philosopher, Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal. The event aimed to celebrate his visionary teachings and promote intellectual discourse among students. Dr. Khawar Nawazish, Associate Professor and renowned scholar and expert on Iqbal's philosophy, delivered an enlightening keynote address.

The seminar witnessed the presence of distinguished guests, including the worthy Vice Chancellor of the University of Sahiwal, Prof. Dr. Javaid Akhtar, who graced the occasion as Chief Guest. The event was attended by a diverse audience comprising faculty members, students, researchers, and poetry enthusiasts from various academic disciplines.
Dr. Khawar Nawazish captivated the audience with his profound insights into Iqbal's literary works and philosophical ideas. He emphasized the relevance of Iqbal's teachings in contemporary times and urged the youth to actively engage with his thoughts to shape a better future for Pakistan.
The seminar provided an excellent platform for students to gain a deeper understanding of Iqbal's ideology while fostering intellectual growth within the university community. By organizing this event, the Directorate of Students Affairs and Majeed Amjad Literary Society demonstrated their commitment to promoting scholarly pursuits among students at the University.