Vice Chancellor Leads Crucial Meeting to Elevate Academic Standards Ahead of Summer Semester 2024

n a move towards enhancing the academic landscape, the worthy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Javaid Akhtar, has spearheaded an important meeting with heads of academic and administrative departments. The agenda was to prepare for the forthcoming Summer Semester in 2024, with an emphasis on improving teaching and research standards, evaluation methods, student attendance, and ethical values upheld by students and faculty members. This initiative is particularly newsworthy as it demonstrates University of Sahiwal's commitment to providing high-quality education and ensuring students' well-being. The Vice Chancellor's call to ramp up teaching quality reiterates the institution's dedication towards fostering intellectual growth in its students. Further attention towards refining evaluation procedures and emphasizing student attendance will ascertain that every student receives ample opportunities for learning. The Vice Chancellor also highlighted the need for maintaining moral and ethical values among students - a crucial aspect considering the role of educational institutions in shaping future leaders. This focus also aligns perfectly with University's mission to produce not just academically superior but also ethically upright graduates.